What is Blue Energy

What is Blue Energy?

Blue Energy is a combination of multiple renewable energy sources working together at the same time to help real people and solve existing environmental problems.  There are a lot of green and blue energy projects right now, but making them work together should be everyone’s long term goal.

Looking at existing projects, there are a lot of people and businesses moving towards:

    1. Solar Power
    2. Wind Power
    3. Hydroelectric

However current renewable power technologies require a large amount of investment to be able to start using them.  This is true for energy companies as well since converting existing system to these more renewable avenues cost much more than just fixing existing systems.

While all 3 of these power technologies increase in efficiency every year, they still are not practical for the general public or large scale changes on their own.  Whole neighborhoods or cities would have to change for us to see any real environmental impact as well as economic impact.

There are now a lot of additional projects for renewable energy sources but the most prevalent are :

    1. Geothermal
    2. BioMass (Ethanol)
    3. Marine / Tidal Energy

All of these also have substantial costs associated with their development and acceptance, so we are still stuck with the same problem of how can this actually help people.

This site will continue to address interesting and new possibilities of renewable energy sources that real people can use.  Feel free to send me a line if you have idea of other things to add.


Renewable Energy For Us All